Shipping a Wedding Dress

Some suggestions below to keep in mind when you are ready to ship your wedding dress:

  • Package it properly. This will ensure the dress will not be damaged in transit and arrives in perfect condition
  • Insure it for the selling price
  • Choose a traceable method and require a signature release


How to package it properly?

  1. The contents of your parcel should be protected from impacts or jolts during the transit. You should therefore use sturdy packaging, for example, a corrugated cardboard box. Are you re-using an old box? Be sure to remove all labels and stickers and check to ensure the box is still in good condition
  2. Choose a sturdy corrugated cardboard box of the right size for your gown. An ideal box should accomodate the properly folded dress snugly and doesn't allow it to move around too much. You shouldn't force fit the gown into the box. If the box is too large, try filling the extra space with approved cushioning: small cell bubble wrap; tightly wadded Kraft paper; peanuts or other packing materials
  3. Fold the gown as required and use plastic to cover it (in the unlikely but possible event that the box gets wet). It will also help the gown avoid direct contact with packing materials
  4. Place the folded and plastic-wrapped gown into the box and seal the flaps and seams with strong, thick packing tape. Do not use scotch tape or twine. Insert an extra sheet of addresses with phone numbers before securing the box (in case the labels outside gets damaged)
  5. Attach shipping labels on the box. Avoid placing it over the seam/ closure or on top of the tape